A Unique Historical Moment

Vittoria Wharf is among the last remaining original warehouse spaces in the Fish Island district of Hackney Wick.

During the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics it was thought that the whole of the warehouse would be torn down to make way for a pedestrian bridge leading to the Olympic park.

Through a combination of our lobbying, and just pure luck, we managed to save the building from demoltion, and instead a HUGE saw was used to cut the building in half to make space for the bridge.

Blending old and new, we aim to service both the incoming communities of young families and professionals as well as providing space for long standing creative groups and traditions that make Hackney Wick such a beautiful place to live and work

Our Team

We are Tom Fletcher and Dylan Aiello. The tireless team bringing you all the goodness that Vittoria Wharf has to offer.

We have a background that varies wildly from food serivce to performance art. But at the centre of our mission is the entrepreneurial spirit, and community. We feel passionate about creating a space that is accessible to all, that gives creatives a place to develop, communities a place to connect, visionaries a blank canvas to realise the depths and heights of their imagination.

We look foward to getting to know you and seeing how we can make your dreams come true at Vittoria Wharf.